Wine-Club Varna proposes different wine souvenirs and accessories

      Sommelier's apron with an inscription Wine Club Varna

      Little sommelier's apron for a bottle

      Wooden chest for wine bottles

      Present boxes for wine

      Present sacks for wine

      Corkscrew with an inscription Wine Club Varna

      Corkscrew with  vine handle

      Antique wine jugs      

      Antique wine glasses

      Tasting glasses with an inscription Wine Club Varna

      Board with photos of old corkscrews

      Cork pads

      Small decoration on a magnet


      A map of the vine and wine regions in Bulgaria with information on 5 languages

/ English, Bulgarian, Russian,French and German  /

     Most of the articles are available but there are some that  you have to order

     If  you want some of them can be made with your personal inscription


                             GIVE  PLEASURE TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS