WELCOME IN DARZALAS - WINE & DINE !                                                                                        

Our kitchen, barbecue and traditional oven suggest  different Bulgarian and international dishes which suit different wines.

We propose different Bulgarian appetizers for the wine.
Cold and hot  appetizers  (tapas)
We organize cocktails, lunches and dinners.
                       Bon appetit !  Good appetite!
                                                      MENU FROM DARZALAS   

1.   Lozarska  - Vine grower’s salad   

Lettuce, cheese, currants, croutons, dressing from grapeseed oil

“La Valetta”

Lettuce, tuna fish, corn, croutons, lemon dressing

2.     Transka

3.    A kind of shopska  salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh pepper, lettuce, cheese, onions, spices

4.   Ovcharska - Shepherd’s salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh pepper, mushrooms, ham, cheese, boiled egg, spices

5.   Jatvarska - Harvester’s salad

Tomatoes with garlic dressing, walnuts and basil

6.   Mandradjiiska - Dairy salad

Peeled tomatoes, cheese, onions, olive oil, basil

7.   Karska - Field’s salad

Grilled pepper with olive oil dressing, walnuts, garlic and dill

Homemade appetizers

1.    Kyopoolou

Eggplant, grilled pepper, tomatoes, oil with garlic, fresh spices

2.     Krokmach

Bulgarian yoghurt seasoned with grilled pepper, cheese, garlic and dill

3.     Mlechna - Dairy appetizer

Squeezed yoghurt, cucumbers, walnuts, garlic oil, dill

4.     Mandradjiiska - Dairy appetizer

Cheese pate with piquant spices

Warm starters

1.  Gratin from sea food in a Saint- Jacques clam

2.  Cheese “Papyotte”

Cheese, tomatoes and spices baked in foil

3.  Cheese – beekeeper’s style

Warm cheese in a bowl with honey and walnuts

4.  Gardener’s appetizer

Grilled pepper, tomatoes, cheese, garlic and parsley

5.  Vine grower’s appetizer

Vine leaves with rice and warm origano sauce

6.  Drunk mushrooms

Stewed mushrooms with butter and dry white wine

7.  Mushrooms with blue cheese

Fresh mushrooms baked with blue cheese and dill

Savory dishes on a frying pan

1.    Shop clopanitza

Pork bon fillet, mushrooms, cream, dry white wine, pickled cucumbers, onions, fresh spices

2.    Butcher’s kavarma from pork meat in an earthen bowl

3.    Chicken meat on vine grower’s style

Chicken Juliene, bacon, currants, dry white wine, walnuts

4.    Chicken fillet in blue cheese and walnuts sauce

5.    Chicken and pork with fresh vegetables and dry white wine on a satch (earthen pan)

     6.  Glutton’s (wolf’s) appetizer on a satch (earthen pan)

    7.  Chicken and pork fillet, homemade sausages, bacon, dry white wine, piquant spices


1.    Younak’s pyramid from chicken skewers with vegetables

2.    Spicy chicken skewers with curry

3.    Chicken leg

4.    Chicken skewer on vine grower’s style

Chicken fillet, yellow cheese, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, currants

5.    Younak’s pyramid from pork skewers with vegetables

6.    Pork skewer with mushrooms and savory

7.    Lean neck steak with sauce BBQ

8.    Pork roll on vine grower’s style

Pork fillet, yellow cheese, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, currants

9.    Homemade sausage

10.        Kebapche

11.        Dairy meat ball

Minced veal and pork stuffed with yellow cheese and pickled cucumbers

12.         Grilled thin sausage

13.         Haidouk’s surprise

14.        Fresh vegetables on grill


1.  Trout wrapped in vine leaves on a grill

2.  Stewed trout

With walnuts, currants, blue cheese, dill

3.   Mackerel wrapped in vine leaves on a grill

4.   Stewed mackerel

With tomatoes, yellow cheese, mushrooms and pickled cucumbers

5.  Gilthead Sea Bream on a grill


1.    Granny’s potatoes

2.    Piquant potatoes on rustic style

3.    French fries

4.    Mashed potatoes

5.    Seasoned potatoes on oven

6.    Mix of stewed vegetables

7.    Fresh vegetables

Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots

8.    Krachmar’s tomato and pepper relish

9.    Chilly pepper

10.        Slice of lemon

Appetizers after meal

1.  Cheese

Brine cheese
Fresh cheese
Buffalo cheese

2.  Yellow cheese

Balkan’s yellow cheese

Goat’s yellow cheese

3.  Loukanka

4.  Sudjuk

5.  Fillet Elena

6.   Pastarma -Jerk


1.    Drunk caramel apple

2.    Cream “Snow White”

3.    Buffalo yoghurt

Natural, with honey and walnuts, with fig jam, with blue berry jam

4.    Ice-cream

                     Natural, with honey and walnuts, with spearmint, with calvados